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Kimberly and Kevin | Albany
March 17, 2017 • Leave a Comment
It was a sunny, chilly, "almost" Spring day ... and the the ground was covered in snow! Kim, the beautiful bride, was absolutely breathtaking in her beaded gown ... she looked like a fairytale princess! While the dress was gorgeous, the smile on Kim's face was absolutely priceless ... there was no doubt she was over the moon to be marrying her best friend! Kevin ... looking handsome ... was laid back and calm ... eager and excited to soon be able to call his sweetheart his wife! These two are a match definitely made for each other ... they have been together a long time ... and the love of all their family and friends celebrating with them that day was undeniable ... and their adorable daughter Madalyn was so happy and excited to be a part of mommy and daddy's special day! We had a blast capturing all the moments of Kim and Kevin's wedding day .... and we wish them all the best in this next chapter of their lives!