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It was a hot summer day at the beautiful Albany Country Club. The bride looked absolutely stunning in her glamorous beaded backless gown which she got in the city. The beauty of the dress complimented the smile on her face just perfectly. She was not nervous ... she seemed very relaxed and very excited to marry her best friend! Chris, the handsome groom, was a bit nervous ... but you could tell he could not wait to see his beautiful bride and say I do. These two have a love between them which is clear to see. During the day they exchanged so many smiles with each other and so many glances that said "I love you". These two have a love made to last and they are just genuine, kind people ... beautiful inside and out. We had so much fun working with them and their families ... although a little rain and stormy skies kept us from being outside as much as I would have liked, the photos come together to tell the story of their day. We wish Alex and Chris nothing but the best in life ... and many years of happiness together.