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What an adorable, fun-spirited couple! It was a beautiful summer evening in downtown Albany at Jennings Preserve ... we walked over the footbridge toward the water ... it was warm and sunny with a nice breeze .... a perfect evening for an engagement shoot! The bride-to-be was absolutely stunning in a white dress with elegant blue heels to coordinate with their nautical themed wedding next summer and the groom-to-be was looking dapper in his sport coat! Classy, elegant and graceful .... they claimed this was their first photo shoot ... but they appeared to be naturals in front of the camera ... and you can see without a doubt how much love they have for each other! They make each other laugh and smile .... and they were so at ease with each other! We had such a great time capturing these two near the water and the areas surrounding .... and we are looking forward to capturing photos at their wedding next July!