Family Portraits


Whether you are a family of three or a family of ten, I know how difficult it is to get everyone together ... and getting everyone to agree on what to wear and making sure everyone is smiling and happy. Many families come to a session a little less than ready ... a little nervous ... sometimes there may even be some arguing ... some may be excited to be there and others less thrilled about being there. However, more often than not, by the time the session is over, I hear things along the lines of "thank you for making that so easy!". I am a perfectionist and I pride myself on that. I am very particular about all aspects of appearance, so I can tell you that some of my most prized possessions is the collage of my own family portraits that is displayed in my home. Each photo represents us ... just as we were on that day ... it's a wall of memories .... we were smiling and happy ... and it is hung on the wall forever for all to see.


Take the time ... create another special memory that you can hold onto forever a family session.


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