Born and raised in Rotterdam, New York ... David and Adele Girard met in their teens and after life took them on different paths, they were reunited again in their thirties. Now newly married and the best of friends, David and Adele work as team photographing life’s most meaningful moments. It is something they both truly enjoy and to them it is more "fun" than it is "work" ... and the fact that they are on this endeavor together makes it that much sweeter. David and Adele work together to capture all of the elements and emotions of the wedding day ... the elegance ... the passion ... the joy ... the excitement ... and the love ... all with a timeless, photo-journalistic style. They strive to provide a personalized experience for the bride and groom on their special day as well as create unique, exclusive artwork that will enable the couple to hold onto each and every moment of that day for many years to come. Adele and David offer two unique perspectives on each photographed moment ... which then comes together to create beautiful storytelling artwork. Outside of photographing weddings, Adele and David enjoy spending quality time with their three children.