Two photographers will be with you every moment of your special day to capture all elements of your wedding from two unique perspectives. One male and one female photographer will work together taking great care to grab every moment of this very special once-in-a-lifetime occasion! From the preparations to the "I do's" to the reception, many moments will be made digitally permanent so that you may relive the love and excitement of the day and retell your love story through pictures for years to come.


The things that mean the most in life are often in the little details. David Girard Jr Photography is all about life's little details. On your wedding day, we will make you feel at ease while we create a memorable story through photographs ... your story ... one which will demonstrate your love and happiness, the bride's elegance and the groom's expression during the "first look" or when he first sees his bride as she walks down the aisle, as well as many more cherished moments with the bridal party, family and friends who are there celebrating the beginning of your life together.


Your wedding photographs will be a forever remembrance of how you could not wait to see that ring shine on his finger ... they will help you remember how you cried when he said, "I do" and the light in his eyes when you said the same ... and they will allow you to recall the hope and excitement in your eyes as you entered this brand new chapter in both of your lives ...


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